What I’m Reading

Yeah, this didn’t happen on Sunday. Oops. I will try to stick to my self-imposed schedule better in future!

eLife is one! eLife is one of my favourite journals: they’re open access, they publish reviews along with the paper, they have a system for associating supplementary figures with the main ones, and I recently discovered they like to look out for early career researchers. Plus, eLife Lens seems to be a nice way to read papers online.

PLoS Biology is ten! They have selected ten articles from the past decade to feature in this celebratory collection – worth reading.

What to wear to do science: it shouldn’t matter, but people will judge you no matter what you wear. It seems from the comments that what is the norm varies a lot between disciplines. Where I am, my (male) boss regularly wears cargo shorts and t-shirts with holes in; one clinician in the department can usually be found in a shirt, tie, and suit trousers, except for the days he wears a tracksuit!

Do you know what sexual harrassment looks like?

PubMed is trialling allowing authors to comment on papers – currently it’s in a closed pilot phase, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I suspect that the majority of papers will receive no comments, while some will really spark debate – same as happens already, really… More here.

MozFest, a festival / conference / gathering dedicated to using the internet to do interesting, important, open things, was this weekend, and the new Mozilla Science website was released. These are the guys exploring the idea of peer code review for scientific software, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.


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