The new students started today; I’m officially a second year PhD student.

This is just a little bit scary, given that I still haven’t finished the experiment that will prove my experimental system can be used to tackle the main question of my PhD… or got really any results… but at least I do feel like I’ve learned something already. Even if it’s things like “trust no one protocol, always double check”, “always google error messages” and “my boss isn’t as scary as he looks”.

Two things I’ve learnt have lead me to decide that I ought to be blogging: one, that I’m really out of practice at writing, and two, that if I want something to change then I’d better start doing it myself.

So hello and welcome, to the blog of a grumpy but optimistic PhD student working somewhere on the border between molecular biology and bioinformatics. Hopefully I’ll learn something from this, too, in the next few years – and hopefully you might too 🙂


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